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  • About Me pages in 2011: Hi. I'm John. 19. Im from Texas.
  • About Me pages in 2014: POC. Glittery sissy genderqueer, androgy-femme/glamdrogynous. Demiqueer, multisexual, florasexual. Disabled (ADD and OCD). I check my thin privilege daily. You can ask me questions about my identity but DO NOT POLICE IT. My triggers include blood, red meat, rape/non-consent, molestation, abuse of any sort, objectification of women, racism and ableism. Let me know if I fail at tagging. IF YOU ARE A WHITE CISHET MEN GET THE FUCK OUT AND NEVER FOLLOW ME. <3

I’ve got nobody to lean on
I’m not ok
I’m not ok
I’m not ok
and I’m not strong right now.

why aren’t you poppers working

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